2011 Black and White Party

Fresh car licences, keys to an empty hall and a bit of inspiration can go a long way.

In 2011 the Cretan Brotherhood’s Youth committee came out of hiatus. Kelly Karagiannis was a member of the new committee and explains that its first event was a fun learning experience.

“The club was very different to how we know it now. It was the first time we had put the Youth committee back together and it was the first event we were running.”

Inspired by an 80s themed party held at the club, the new Youth Committee hit the ground running by hosting their first event, the Black and White Party.

“We didn’t really put a lot of pressure on ourselves because it was our very first time stepping into that scene, so we viewed it as a big learning curve.” Kelly explains.

“Our main focus was for everyone to have fun and to know that there was a Youth committee up and running again.”

Kelly describes how everything about the event, from streamers to chips, was organised by the Youth Committee.

“We tried to figure out what worked and what didn’t work, but it was surreal in that it was such a huge new element that was introduced to us.”

“We only ever knew events to be run by the Senior committee, we were all a bit like – ‘can we do this? alright we’ll try’ – and it actually worked out very well. It was great.”

Kelly explains the night was a bit of a blur.

“I was running around like a headless chook so I felt like I was a bit of everywhere, talking to the DJ and cleaning up.”

“The night itself was a lot of fun, all our friends were there, it felt like everything went really smoothly.”

Talking about the music and dancing on the night Kelly points out how some elements of the event felt fresh, and some element of the event are seen Youth events today.

“The music was everything and anything. Greek, some English music, obviously we played Cretan as well. That hasn’t changed too much actually.”

“The Zebekiko thing was really new to me though. Before then it felt like something you do at weddings but we put the music on and before you knew it Jon Kapa and James Klados were having an absolute ball on the dance floor trying to do shots off the ground!”

“Personally speaking, it felt like it brought together all these little things we do in terms of Greek culture, and it was really nice. It felt like something that was so different.”

The event is fondly remembered by Kelly who points out the good momentum and lessons it taught.

“In hindsight it wasn’t a big blow out party thing it was a night where we all got dressed up got our youth committee together and people from the club and people brought friends from outside that. Everyone kind of knew each other, it was just a fun night.”

“The Senior committee were fine with that as well. They were happy to see the Youth Committee having a crack.”

“For our later events we had a really clear understanding of what we wanted to do. After that we were doing events with auctions and raffles and getting sponsors. When I tell you this event was a learning experience it really was.” Kelly explains.

“I just remember thinking about the club in a completely different light. That’s when for me it really started thinking about the club as a community thing. There was nothing specific that instigated that feeling but that was where I remember coming to a very clear understanding that there was a lot that we can do here.”

This article is part of a series recounting the stories of Cretan Brotherhood Members.

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By Kelly Karagiannis and Emmanuel Heretakis