2017 Bribie Island Adventure

The 2017 Cretan Convention was hosted in Brisbane and included a day trip to nearby Bribie Island. Connie Papandreou sat down with us to talk through the day trip and the vibe of the Brisbane Convention.

Bribie Island is a two-hour bus trip out of Brisbane. Connie explains how the Cretans creatively passed the time.

“At the time the mannequin challenge was in fashion so we decided to do that on the bus with everyone. Afterwards I think Stephen (Theodorakis) took over the microphone and we had a bit of karaoke on the bus. It was a group thing. Everyone was nominating songs and singing at the same time”

Once Cretan Brotherhood members and other Convention attendees arrived at Bribie Island they found themselves at the Greek Community’s Retreat and Recreation Centre.

“It felt like a school camp kind of set up but there was a little church there where they were doing a service. A couple of us went in and stuck around until Church finished which is always fun.” Connie explains.

Cretans lining up on Bribie Island beach for the Theophania throwing of the cross

“Afterwards we went all together to the beach. A couple of the boys lined up [for the Theophania throwing of the cross] and I remember when they threw [the cross] in it actually took a long time. It got a bit lost and everyone was kind of looking at each other asking where’s it gone and no one could seem to find it, which was quite funny.”

Of course, the cross was recovered and attendees were given the chance to explore Bribie Island.

“A lot of people spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach and just spent the afternoon there. It was very wavy, more like a surf beach. It was a very warm day.”

Connie goes onto explain the warmth of Bribie Island that day was matched by the warm atmosphere of the Convention.

“2017 was my first convention outside of Melbourne. It was probably one of the best I’ve been to because everyone was in the same hotel and stuff but the good thing was a lot of the functions were close by so we spent a lot of time with each other that didn’t involve much travel. I remember the walk through the park to get to the Greek Centre, it was all in one place.”

The Convention was an enjoyable memory for Connie, thanks in large part to the Brisbane Cretan community.

“They were very hospitable and put a lot of time and effort to organise everything.”

This article is part of a series recounting the stories of Cretan Brotherhood Members.

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By Connie Papandreou and Emmanuel Heretakis