Members’ events make the Cretan House a Cretan Home

Every year, members of the Cretan Brotherhood choose to throw open the doors of their second home, and celebrate their big life moments at the Κρητικό Σπίτι.

We took the chance to ask some of our members about their stories, and why hosting events at the Cretan Club is special to them.

John’s 21st Birthday

John Leventis, a third-generation member, hosted his 21st Birthday at the Cretan Club back in 2017

“The night was honestly a bit of a blur, like most functions that you host, I was nervous about it all working out properly and all my guests having a great time,” said John. “After everyone had settled in and the kefi took over, I was able to relax and enjoy the night.”

When asked what was his favourite moment of the night was, John was noted a couple of important things.

“Seeing everyone have so much fun on the night and celebrating in a venue that means a lot to me!”

Harry and Theodora’s Engagement

Harry and Theodora Heretakis held their engagement party at the Cretan Club way back in 1990. Although Harry was a long-time member Theodora’s family roots came from Kalamata.

“I remember it being a big event, with approx. 300 family and friends – mostly Cretans, the Kalamanti were seriously outnumbered,” explains Theodora. “The whole evening was special, it was great that all our families mixed, got acquainted and danced the night away.”

For Theodora the event was a different in that the Cretan Club was something new.

“I can honestly say, the engagement party was my introduction to the Cretan club, a connection that has remained strong to this very day,” she explains.

James and Kerrie’s Wedding

In 2019 James and Kerrie Klados celebrated their wedding at the Cretan Club.

The day was filled with joy for the lovely couple, and a couple of special moments stood out.

“Getting married to my wife at St Pasaskevi at St Albans Church would have to my favourite,” said James, “but my second favourite was dancing my way into the Cretan club with my wife to the sousta! Our first time dancing as a married couple.”

For James and Kerrie their Cretan heritage also played an important role in their relationship.

“We have Cretan heritage from our parents. I was in the dance group at the club in Brunswick from childhood. My wife is originally from Sydney and was part of the Cretan dance group there,” explains James. “We actually met via the Cretan conventions. If it wasn’t for Cretan Brotherhoods and the annual conventions they held, we probably would have never met.”

What made the night special?

Theodora explained that hosting her engagement at the Cretan Club was a great introduction to the Cretan community.

“[the event was an] opportunity to see firsthand how strongly connected Harry is to the Cretan club and to meet so many people who have continued to be a part of our family’s life,” she said.

For John, it was really special to host an event at such a storied venue that meant a lot to the family.

“I had heard so many stories about functions at the Cretan club growing up, I wanted to be a part of the stories that were passed on through the generations. Having my Yiayia back at the Cretan club after so many years away was very special.” Said John.

For James and Kerrie hosting the event at the club allowed them to embrace their heritage.

“Having a traditional Cretan wedding in our Cretan costumes was a dream we both had since childhood, as we really embraced our culture and heritage.”

Hosting events at the Cretan Club means different things to different members, however every event at the Cretan club creates unique memories that are deeply connected to family and culture.

For decades, the hall, bar and dancefloor have seen many memorable moments and it is hoped they will see many more in the years to come!

If you would like to contact us about your story, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website! We would love to share your stories!