Antipodes weekend brings City to life

On the 28th of February and the 1st of March the Cretan Brotherhood participated in the Annual Antipodes Greek Festival hosted by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne.

The club was well represented at the Festival and presented a unified community to showcase the beauty of Cretan culture for all Hellenes and Phil-Hellenes. The club’s members, dancers and leaders all collectively came together to embody what the Cretan Brotherhood means and with open arms, welcomed all to the clubs stall to learn about the Αδελφότητα.

We had four performances across the days covering our juniors, intermediates, pre-seniors and senior group. Performances were warmly received by the large crowds – a welcome reward for the hard working dancers! We thank Giorgos Frantzeskakis & Giorgos Stratakis, famous Cretan musicians for flying down from Crete to play for our dancers. Frantzeskakis & Stratakis were also one of the featured acts for the Saturday night.

Our stall was welcomed with many on-lookers coming to say hello and find out more about our team. We can expect many new faces coming to join our dancing lessons on both Tuesday (7pm – Juniors & Intermediates) and Thursday (7pm: Pre-seniors, 8:30pm – Seniors). It was great to see our youth team spend most of the festival at the tent, bringing in friends and musicians to dance and sing nearby our tent which showcased Cretan culture beautifully.

We thank our entire team who work so hard over the last few months to bring together such a mesmerising amount of performances, whether it be to showcase different dances based on regions or a theatrical display of the Minoan period.

By Vasilios Berbatakis (President, Youth Committee)