Cretan Community Farewells Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis

On Saturday the 30th of March the Greek community came out to pay their respects to the life of Archbishop Stylianos Harkianakis. The day was filled with both mourning and tradition. The Cretan Brotherhood were represented by John Leventis and Alexander Vounisios who flew up to Sydney to pay tribute to his Eminence’s life as well as his Cretan heritage.

It was an honour to march along Styliano’s resting body, united with the Cretan Association of Sydney and NSW and the Pancretan Association of Melbourne.

People had travelled from interstate and New Zealand to deliver their final goodbyes to this spiritual leader whom was Archbishop of Australia since 1975. His legacy was alive and visible, with a strong presence of Greeks as well as members of the wider community. The burial was completed with μαντινάδες being read and the Κρητική λύρα being played.

Αιώνια του η μνήμη

By Alexander Vounisios (Youth Member)