Cretan Music Program a Success

On Sunday 5th of July, the Cretan Brotherhood’s Cretan Music Program successfully concluded.

Each Sunday for three weeks, the program taught participants how to play Cretan music on traditional instruments, including, Lyra, Laouto, Violin and Mandolin.

As well as the basics of playing instruments, Students learnt how to play the Cretan sirta Θελω να βλεπω Θαλασσα and Σφακιανός Συρτός.

The program also featured special guests including local instrument maker George Rozakis and Laouto professional Paddy Montgomery.

Organisers were considerate of COVID restrictions and although initially slated for March, the program was necessarily delayed until June when restrictions allowed it to proceed.

Participation was guided by government restrictions with social distancing enforced, enrolments limited by density guidelines, and the installation of hand sanitiser units at the hall.

Unfortunately this also meant some students were unable to participate in the final lesson due to government suburban lock-down laws.

Organisers were encouraged by the engagement demonstrated by the thirteen students which included Cretan Brotherhood Members, and members of the wider public.

Organisers hope the foundations established by program will assist future cultural development, complimenting the example set by the Cretan Brotherhood Dancing program.

The program was supported by Cretan Brotherhood Committee through the provision of facilities, and funded by the Youth Committee.

The club would like to thank music teacher George Vardakis and organisers Emmanuel Heretakis and Yianni Fountoulakis.