Cretan Youth Elect New Committee for 2021

On Sunday the 17th of January, the Cretan Brotherhood Youth hosted the 2021 AGM and Souvlaki Day. Signalling a return to the club for many youth members after a year of heavy Covid-19 restrictions, the event boasted a huge turnout complete with frappedes, perfect for a summery Sunday afternoon in Brunswick. 

For the first time since the reestablishment of the Youth Committee in 2011, the Cretan Brotherhood Youth of Melbourne and Victoria are celebrating the appointment of a woman as committee president. The 2021 Youth Committee is led by Rhea Gotsis as President and Bill Theodorakis as Vice-President.

The new committee for 2021 was established with excitement and hope for new youth initiatives as well as returns to traditional events after a year where many regular programs were put on hold.

The incoming committee for 2021 is delighted to thank the outgoing committee of 2020, who under the leadership of Vasilios Berbetakis, persevered using technology to keep the club’s youth community connected and united despite the turbulent year.

“The committee members of 2021 each bring a special contribution to form what will be a phenomenal year of events”, says Rhea. “We will prioritise reconnecting with the community both internally and externally!”

President: Rhea Gotsis

Vice President: Bill Theodorakis

Treasurer: John Leventis

Secretary: Mim Petrakis

Assistant Treasurer: John Papadopetros

Assistant Secretary: Aristea Nikolakakis

Public Relations: Ellie Nikakis

Committee Members: Raph Tsakirellis, Savannah Kakulas, Leah Papadopetros, Athena Vounisiou, George Sfendourakis, George Karantzalis, Taksia Tsaganas, Eleni Petrakis, Panayiota Petrakis, Carli Gotsis, Johnny Kapeleris, Niko Magkoulias, Joanna Zervakis.

By Ellie Nikakis (Youth Committee Public Relations)