Cretan Youth host 2022 AGM

With the new year opening up, the youth committee hosted their AGM on the 21st of March after the Venizelia function, to elect a new committee and brainstorm some new ideas to grow numbers and strengthen bonds in 2022.

Firstly, an overview of 2021’s committee’s performance was acknowledged and discussed. In particular, 2021 was examined as a learning opportunity in dealing with tough times such as the COVID-19 lockdowns.

New ideas were brainstormed to explore how the youth committee could re-engage returning and new members of the community. It was discussed and agreed upon by all that a major focus of 2022 should be the internal club affairs rather than attempting heavily to adopt a new influx of dancers/ members of the committee. The recent years of high youth participation were reflected upon and were used as a lens into how the committee could bring about the same energy and lifestyle back into the community.

Finally, the committee of 2021 was dissolved, and a new committee was elected. Although the AGM saw a smaller turnout four passionate members joined the committee of 2022. In some light, although the numbers of members have dwindled this year the passion is very much still alive within the youth of the Cretan Brotherhood.

The members of the 2022 Cretan brotherhood youth committee are Yianni Foutoulakis, Andrea Herekakis, Bill Theodorakis and Taksia Tsaganas.

By Bill Theodorakis