Cretan Youth Host Sensational Night For All

Lights.. Selfie Cams… SPASTA!

On Friday the 11th of May, the Cretan Brotherhood Youth Committee held its 4th annual Greek Youth Night and proved to be the Committee’s biggest event yet – featuring everything from tsiftateli dancers to confetti cannons!

Over 300 youth enjoyed music from Greece, and the  ‘Seitan Limani Cocktail’ designed specially for the night, in an event that seemed to transport the crowd from Melbourne to Greece!

The event was a huge success managing to attract not only the wider Greek Youth Community of Melbourne but also throughout Australia with guests flying from Tasmania, Sydney and Perth.

The reach is a testament to both the calibre of the current Youth Committee as well as the strong connections formed from the National Cretan Conventions.

Dancing, singing, cocktails and parea… the 2019 Greek Youth Night was the perfect warm Grecian antidote to an otherwise regular cold night in Melbourne.

Congratulations to the Committee!

By Rhea Gotsis (Youth Committee)