Cretans kick off 2022 with Rye Picnic

On Sunday the 30th of January the Cretan Brotherhood and the Pancretan Association jointly hosted the Annual Cretan Picnic in Rye.

The picnic welcomed back members to Cretan events for the first time in 2022 and although this year’s edition drew a smaller turn out than usual, the numbers were encouraging considering the event was the first one post the recent lockdowns.

The weather was perfect and saw members enjoy a game of soccer on the foreshore, followed by a dip in the water. This year, an unusual Rye tide resulted in shallow waters and even formed a little island just 50 meters from shore. This provided a perfect place for beachgoers to sit and look back onto the beach!

Members enjoyed a walk up the pier, grabbed an ice cream on the main street and fuelled their active day with a generous spread of fruits, BBQ and drinks brought from home.

At the main picnic site, Cretan music from shared speakers provided the soundtrack of the day, occasionally accompanied by the sounds of frappedes being prepared and the roll of tavli dice.

Warm weather, beautiful company – can’t beat it!

By Emmanuel Heretakis