Cretans March at Greek Independence Day Parade

On Sunday, March the 24th, Cretan Brotherhood members participated in the Annual Greek Independence Day Parade at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The Cretan Brotherhood marched proudly under the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand Banner alongside members of the Pancretan Association.

Over 100 Cretans marched under the banner including over 50 members in traditional costume bringing vibrant traditional colours to the parade on a beautiful sun-kissed Melbourne day.

Many Cretan Brotherhood members marched with their Greek Schools earlier in the Parade before joining the Cretan Federation – ensuring Cretan Costumes and presence was felt throughout the well attended March.

As always organisational chaos and behind the scenes fun permeated the Cretan congregation as members waited for their chance to March. Lats minute costume changes were also necessary as headdresses loosened during the long wait and security enforced a no-knives policy which meant the Cretans (and other clubs) could not march with their traditional accessories.

Although the crowds were smaller relative to last year’s parade which featured the high-profile Ezvones from Greece this year’s March was well attended by dozens of Schools, Community Groups and Cultural Associations.

Emmanuel Heretakis (Communications Officer)