Dancing in Their Honour

Weeks upon weeks of practice finally paid off for the dancing groups of the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, as we commemorated the 78th anniversary of The Battle of Crete.

Watching our hard work finally come to fruition was a true testament to the time and efforts put in by our dance teachers and dancers.

Colours of red, blue and white filled the dance floor and the faces of all the spectators in the hall were filled with joy.

It was great to see the unity, collaboration and comradery between all the different age groups throughout the whole weekend.

Additionally, for the first time, the Cretan Brotherhood and the Pancretan Association joined together to perform a combined πεντοζάλι and τριζάλι – which was a special moment for both of our clubs.

Every year, we are all proud to participate in and celebrate the Battle of Crete, honouring our ancestors who fought so valiantly and defiantly to protect the island that many of us call a second home.

Lest we forget.

By Stephanie Houdalakis