February Dance Workshops

The Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria recently welcomed Γιωργος Τριανταφυλλιδης, an experienced dancer and musician from Ηράκλειο, Κρήτη.

Γιωργο visited our beloved Cretan House to hold dancing seminars for one week during the last week of February.

With family roots from Σητεία, Γιωργο showed our senior dance group a variation of the Σητειακο πηδηχτο.

Meanwhile, Γιωργο especially spent time with male dancers across from our Intermediate, Pre-Senior and Senior groups, showing new φιγούρες and teaching dancing etiquette.

The seminars were enjoyed by dancers of all ages! Ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ!

By Stelio Theodorakis (Youth Member)