Magical Convention inspires Hellenism

The 2020 Cretan Convention in Adelaide was nothing short of magical.

Spending time with like-minded peers who all love progressing the culture we have inherited from our ancestors made me feel extremely proud to be Greek, our unique culture allows us to come together and create events such as these and for that reason I think we should all remember how lucky we are to be a part of it all.

Beyond the dancing and the culture, I felt so happy that I could spend six days straight with such a large group of friends.

In big dance groups, such as the Cretan Brotherhood there’s always a risk of people forming their own cliques and abstaining from spending time with the majority of the group.

Not once did I feel that this was the case. I felt accepted and welcomed by all members of the Cretan Brotherhood and every other dance group attending.

The Cretan convention allows us to explore and celebrate our culture and also creates memories with friends that last a lifetime. I eternally thank the Cretan federation of Australia and New Zealand for organising such a spectacular event.

By Alexandros Antoniadis (Youth Member)