Melbourne Cretans elected to World Cretan Council

The recent Annual General Meeting of the World Cretan Council saw the election of a new board comprising of Cretan community leaders from across the globe… including Melbourne!

We spoke to the Cretan Brotherhood’s own Eva Gotsis about joining the council and its goals for the near future.

What is the WCC and how did you get involved?

“The World Council of Cretans is a group of representatives from all over the World that have Cretan heritage. I first heard about it 2014 when I was asked to attend the AGM as a representative from the Cretan Federation from Australia. That year there was a group of six of us from the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne that represented Oceania.”

What is exciting about WCC?

“For me I find it very interesting to be able to meet and make connections with other like minded people of Cretan heritage. So far I have met representatives from Germany, USA, Belgium and South Africa just to name a few!”

What are you looking forward to as part of the committee?

“We recently had our AGM and first committee meeting and discussed various topics. I am excited about one of the main action items high on the list and that is how to connect more Cretan youth from around the world and facilitate annual events where they all come together in Crete yearly. This is a very important as it would create lifelong connections while maintaining our Cretan roots for generations to come.”

By Emmanuel Heretakis