Members delighted by 2020 Kalanda

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December the Youth of the Cretan Brotherhood travelled across Melbourne singing carols and bringing Christmas Cheer to Members.

On each of the three days, volunteers would meet at the club before driving in small groups to sing carols, deliver the 2021 member calendar and collect donations for the Cretan Club.

Music lessons held by the club in earlier this year appeared to pay dividends, with with three Lyres, two Laoutos and even a Klarino featuring in this year’s carols!

As well as their instruments, this year volunteers also carried Masks and Hand Sanitiser to ensure this year’s carols were conducted safely and with respect to both Government Guidelines and Member’s personal safety preferences.

Following each huge night of singing volunteers often recovered at the Cretan club where they would enjoy a well earnt Souvlaki… or Big Mac!

As hard as volunteers and the club work for all members to enjoy the Kalanda as always, some houses were empty, some nights groups ran out of time and some addresses were not updated. The club would like to remind members to check that their addresses are up to date.

The club would like to thank all members for their hospitality over the three nights and the hard working volunteers for bringing much needed Christmas spirit in a year where our club wasn’t able to open its doors.

The club wishes all members and friends a very happy year ahead!

By Emmanuel Heretakis (Member)