Members hold memorial for passed friends and family

On Sunday 28th November 2021, the Cretan Brotherhood held its annual memorial event in honour of members who have passed away. Approximately 80 people attended to pay their respects to fellow members who have been a part of our club over the years.

The day commenced with a memorial service held in the morning at our local parish church, St Vasilios in Brunswick. Afterwards, Father Athanasios conducted a “trisagio” prayer and blessing at our club house. He emphasised the importance of never forgetting those who had passed and to continue their legacy. The members then shared a light meal as they shared memories and stories about old friends.

This is always an important event in the Cretan Brotherhood calendar. We will be forever grateful for the tireless efforts and vision of our founding members. May their memory be eternal. Αιώνια τους η μνήμη.

By Jim Papadimitriou