Members support community food drive

The Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne is enthusiastic about supporting the wider community in the great Hellenic spirit of ‘Philotimo’.

The current health pandemic has put pressure on many newly migrated Greek families on temporary visas. Many of these families are not eligible for financial assistance from the government and are struggling to access even basic goods and services.

‘MERIMNA’, the women’s arm of Pontiaki Estia, is coordinating a food relief program for a number of theses families over the three month period of April, May and June. Under the umbrella of the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand, the Cretan Brotherhood and Pancretan Association have supported this program.

The response from Cretan Brotherhood members has been touching. Although many people in the community are facing difficulties, Cretan Brotherhood Members did not hesitate to donate cash and groceries to the effort, raising nearly $2,000 and an abundance of groceries in support of the program.

The club would like to thank all members for their support of this initiative and will continue to update them of future community efforts.

By Eva Gotsis