Studio Crete webseries shines a light on Cretan Creatives

Through September to December in 2021, the Cretan Brotherhood was proud to support the production and broadcast of the web series ‘Studio Crete’, which was made possible thanks to the efforts of over a dozen volunteers.

Studio Crete explored arts and culture through a Cretan perspective over seven episodes broadcast first to members, and then the wider public on Facebook.

Episode featured interviews with members of the Cretan Brotherhood and other prominent artists in the Cretan community as well as cultural segments which discussed specific aspects of Cretan culture.

Kelly Karagiannis was the perfect presenter for the Culture segment, drawing on her years of experience as a dance teacher to explain everything from dance symbolism to Cretan mythology for the viewers.

Cretan artist including Paddy Montgomery (Laouto), George Vardaki (Lyra) and James Zoumis (Dance) discussed their experiences and their views on Cretan culture in Australia.

Peta Petrakis (Curator, Artist), Dimitra Petrakis (Art Historian, Artist) and Theona Vandoros (Interior Designer) also took the opportunity to discuss their creative fields from their perspective as Young Cretan-Australians.

The show also utilised its internet interview format to cross state borders and featured Katie Merkoureas discuss the Canberra Cretan community and nature of managing culture in smaller more remote communities.

Interviewer and producer Emmanuel Heretakis drew on his previous experience on the 2020 CBY Live show (exclusively broadcast to members) to craft each episode and draw interesting discussion from a variety of angles.

“I really hoped to create a fun environment for the interviewees and showcase the diverse nature of Cretan culture, as well as hopefully inspire other to help add to it in new creative ways.” said Emmanuel

“Like Mim said in the last episode, elevating Cretan art also elevates Cretan creatives.”

“Our community and our culture deserves just as much respect, engagement and excitement as other more mainstream forms of art.

“I hope the show offered a platform for us to continue these conversations, and make us proud about our Cretan Brotherhood Community.”

Studio Crete can be rewatched on the Cretan Brotherhood Social Media accounts.