Tavern Night 2019… One for the Ages!

On 12th October 2019, the Cretan Brotherhood Youth hosted their highly anticipated Youth Tavern Night. With over 260 attending the event, it was bound to be a night to remember!

The event had it all, an excellent performance from a live Cretan band (featuring Sifi Marakis, George Rerakis, Γιώργης Ρεράκης and Desi Levoyannis), a rocking DJ from Greece (Tolis Savidis), as well as accompanying drummers (Yanni Kozi and Theodore Dounias). The night was not short of quality entertainment!

The guests were going wild for the night’s traditional Cretan menu which featured a traditional Cretan pilafi and mouthwatering gyros hot off the κάρβουνa, what more was there to love… a chance to win a ticket to Greece, perhaps?

Through hard work, perseverance and constantly trying to set new benchmarks for the club, the Youth Committee were able to arrange for a single ticket to be raffled off at the event. To the golden ticket winner, John “Biko” Nikolakoudis, the Youth Committee wish you safe travels!

The Cretan Brotherhood Youth would like to thank everyone for their contributions to our community and ongoing support.

Thank-you to our generous sponsors of the night, our loyal members, the Senior Committee for fostering the development of the Youth community, the wider Cretan/Greek community and of course, our extended friends and family for their continuous support

We look forward to sharing many more euphoric experiences together in the near future.

John Leventis
Youth President