TSI-TSI-TSITSIPAS! Tsitsipas Fever Sweeps the Cretan Club

Seemingly out of nowhere, 20-year-old tennis prodigy Stefanos Tsitsipas made a splash in the sporting world with his powerful debut in this year’s Australian Open.

The youngest semi-finalist in a Grand Slam in 12 years, Tsitsipas signalled a new hope for Greeks and Greek-Australians in the tournament, quickly winning the hearts and excitement of both tennis fans and even non-tennis fans.

Members of the Cretan Brotherhood Youth enjoyed an impromptu screening session of his momentous win against Roger Federer on January 20th, and with spirits high following his victory, the idea was sparked to hold a more formalised viewing party for his semi-final match against tennis legend Rafael Nadal.

The excitement for the event was infectious, and with it’s announcement coming just two days before the match, media coverage for the Cretan Brotherhood Youth event was spreading across Melbourne. With radio coverage on 3XY Hellas, a television spot on ABC News before the game, and even a picture on the front page of The Age, Melbourne couldn’t help but cheer on the enthusiasm the Brotherhood Youth harboured for Tsitsipas.

With the event being open and free to the public, the familiar Brotherhood halls were proud to welcome new faces and old friends alike with around 80 people in attendance. Although there wasn’t a victory for the young Tsitsipas in the end, the sausage sizzle, frappes, and older generations playing backgammon on the back tables made it feel like a truly authentic Elliniko experience among friends.

And besides – we’re looking forward to seeing Tsitsipas come back stronger and better than before in 2020!

By Ellie Nikakis (PR, Cretan Brotherhood Youth of Melbourne and Victoria)