“Waters as blue as Seitan Limani” – Cretans Picnic in Sorrento

Just like the royals, the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, in conjunction with the Pancretan Association of Melbourne and Northern Greek Clubs, travelled in a line of cars down south to meet at Sorrento Park for the annual summer picnic!

Green grass, surrounding trees and a cooling breeze set the scene, as youth were running around and families begun to set up for what was as going to be a lovely day ahead.

From sausages to pita, bbq meats to sandwiches, there was undoubtedly enough food to feed Mornington Peninsula!

Surrounding the peak of the park, were waters as blue as Seitan Limani, making it very clear why this spot was chosen to host the annual Cretan fun and chaos!

Music played and echoed out to the sea, alongside the laughter, and yelling Greeks that took over the park for the day.

By Rhea Gotsis (Cretan Brotherhood Youth of Melbourne and Victoria)