Welcome Back BBQ kicks off Dancing year and uncovers lost history!

A welcome back BBQ was held on Tuesday the 5th of February to celebrate the beginning of the 2019 dancing year.

Sausages, soft drinks, frappes and icy poles were all on offer by the Cretan Brotherhood Youth Committee.

The relaxed and friendly vibe of the event illustrates the community’s enthusiasm and comradeship.

The BBQ was a great opportunity for all ages to come together and celebrate – a post practice treat for the dancers.

The night was capped off by a rare find in the club store room. A book containing original notes, minutes and newsletters from Youth Committee was found covering years 1975 to 1978!

As the Youth Committee of the 1970s kept the flame alive the welcome back BBQ continued the excellent work of the 2019 Youth Committee which looks set to have a great year ahead.

By George Sfendourakis (Treasurer, Youth Committee) and Emmanuel Heretakis (Communications Officer)