Youth Committee enters New Decade with Fresh Faces

The Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne & Victoria is thrilled to announce the new Youth Committee for 2020.

The Youth AGM on the 9th of February saw a large assembly of strong and focused individuals put their hands up volunteer their time and skill into the club’s Youth Committee.

The new Youth Committee wishes to continue the momentum and success of the 2019 committee and is also keen to bring about a new energy to Youth activities in this coming year.

The 2020 Youth Committee will be led by Vasilios Berbatakis as President and by Rhea Gotsis as Vice-President.

President: Vasilios Berbatakis
Vice President: Rhea Gotsis
Treasurer: Johnny Kapeleris
Secretary: Carli Gotsis
Assistant Treasurer: Joanna Zervakis
Assistant Secretary: Leah Papadopetros
Public Relations: Bill Theodorakis
Committee Members: James Matsamakis, Liz Mousaferiadis, Anthony Dallaportis, Aristea Nikolakakis, Harry Klapsinos, George Kabourakis, Chris Fanaras, Athena Vounisiou, John Leventis, George Sfenda, Konstantinos Tzortzoglou, George Karantzalis, Taksia Tsaganas,

By Bill Theodorakis (Youth Committee Public Relations)