2019 Memberships are valid between the 1st of November 2019 and the 31st of October 2020.

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To inquire about membership, please do so at one of our events or by attending the Cretan Club (150 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick) on either Tuesday or and Thursday between 6pm to 10pm on nights of dance practice.

Standard Membership

  • Membership is available to persons over 18.

Family Membership

  • Family membership bundles two adult memberships and unlimited under 18 memberships
  • Family membership consolidates communications to members attached to a single family membership.

Dance Group Registration

  • Dance Group Registration is only available to existing members.
  • Dance Group Registration costs $85 tuition plus $15 for costume fundraising per person in addition to membership fees.
  • Dance Group Registrations fees organised through a family membership are capped at $275 for all siblings/members who would like to register

To sign up, click below!