The Cretan Brotherhood supports the unique traditions of Cretan Music through a number of programs and events each year.

The club promotes Cretan Music culture through its dance program and by hosting hosting major music events alongside international folk musicians and partner associations at each year. The club helps support aspiring musicians through its lesson programs and Monthly Cretan Music jams. The club also looks to bring music directly to members with the annual Christmas Kalanda.

Cretan Music Lesson Programs are offered on an adhoc basis in line with organic demand and community need. Programs typically run for a set number of weeks and focus on a specific aspect of Cretan music. Past programs include the 2020 Three Week Beginner Music Program which focused on teaching participants basic songs and music composition and the 2022 Two Week Instrument Specific Workshops which focused on teaching participants how to play the Lyra and the Laouto.

The Monthly Cretan Music Jams offer a collaborative environment for musicians of all ages and experience levels to play together and inspire each other. In these sessions, the participants will typically play for a couple of hours with a focus on songs for dancing and mandinathes.


  • Lesson Programs are developed and presented on an adhoc basis alongside organic demand.
  • These Lesson Programs are advertised through the Cretan Brotherhood Social Media pages.
  • If you are interested in Lesson Programs, please contact the organisers below to indicate your interest.


  • 8pm-10pm, once a month (typically Tuesdays)
  • If you are interested in the Monthly Cretan Music Jams Programs, please contact the organisers below to indicate your interest.


  • The Cretan Brotherhood
  • 150 Nicholson St
  • Brunswick East 3056


  • Manoli on 0433.058.097